Italian Cream Soda

Hello everyone, welcome to my inaugural post on my hobbies and leisure blog.

I already told you all how much I enjoy cooking yummy food, but did I mention my love for concocting yummy drinks? I have spoken to many people who grew up going to a restaurant that served what they called “Italian Soda” that was essentially a shot of flavour, ice and soda. Some times they are topped with whipped cream, but that is about it.

Now this is a fairly accurate recipe to an Italian Soda, however to me there are two things that need to be added to make these authentic. The first thing is replacing the whipped cream with half and half cream, and instead of topping it off with whipped cream you would use half cream and half soda water.

The other thing that I insist a real Italian Soda has is actual fruits. Personally my favourite flavour of soda is watermelon-passion fruit which can easily be made with fresh fruit. You might still want some flavouring as the amount of fruit you can use before it turns into Sangria isn’t as strong as syrup, but it makes for an amazing soda.


-8 Ounces Soda Water

-½ Ounce Watermelon Flavour Syrup

-½ Ounce Passion Fruit Flavour Syrup

-2 Ounces Half and Half Cream

-1 tablespoon Passion Fruit Seeds

-1 ½ tablespoon Crushed Watermelon


Add the ingredients to a cup in that order, chill and drink.

Enjoy everyone!

Red Italian Soda

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