Obscure Things You Find on The Internet

The Internet has come on leaps and bounds over the years and while some still assert that it has an overall negative effect on our lives, it continues to offer a level of convenience that would leave many users productively crippled, should it ever suddenly cease to exist.   

The accessibility of information, and more specifically the diversity of information available online these days is at an all time high.  Take a peek at the alternative genre of ‘the outright bizarre’ for example, and you’ll see a plethora of examples that showcase the weird and wonderful.

The odd but intriguing Italian website http://www.coseassurde.it offers an insight into just that.  At first glance, you can see that it’s very well put together with an impressive spread of images and text linking to all kinds of obscure articles.  The main theme here is to demonstrate just what kind of strange things people are getting up to in the world, whether it be a bizarre hobby or crazy compulsion.  Either way, this site does a mighty fine job of presenting anything and everything to do with the peculiar.

To give you a better idea, would you ever consider applying a dye to your hair that miraculously changes colour with each change in temperature?  How about having your barber set fire to your hair just to give it a little extra sheen, or how about staying in a luxurious hotel without walls or a ceiling just to get a better view of the mountains? According to the website, there are many who would.


internet Kissenger


If, for example, you had to be away from your partner for a while, would you cope?  Couples who simply know they couldn’t possibly cope, now (thankfully) get to benefit from an innovative new product called the Kissenger: a portable device made for smartphones whereby you can exchange kisses with your lover from afar.  While it looks as sophisticated as a piece of Lego, it seems that this pocket lip-vibration unit is highly popular amongst long distance lovers.

This is all just chipping away at the tip of the iceberg of course.  For many more examples of the wild and wacky world some people live in, brace yourself and dive right into coseassurde.it.