Represent Your Favourite Video-Game

Hey everyone, welcome back to my hobbies and leisure blog! My name is Rosa as you can probably tell, and I was inspired to write this post by my boyfriend. Well, more specifically his half naked self walking around the house wearing nothing than a video-game shirt. I asked him why he wears that shirt every morning, and he just said “it’s my favourite game”. So being the amazing girlfriend I am, I went to and found some cheap prices on lots of clothes from video games he likes. Needless to say, I now have a stockpile of emergency presents for whenever it may be needed. Here are some examples of clothing that you can wear to represent you favourite video-game.

Tecmo Bowl T-shirt

This shirt combines bragging about you Tecmo Bowl skills with bragging about how good the NFL team you root for is as well. I actually tried to get one of these shirts 5 years ago, but the only ones available were really expensive and not very good quality. It seems to gave flipped now, and I found the best quality at a cheap price from so that me and my boyfriend can wear corresponding shirts when he tried to beat my next time.

Barry Sander Tecmo Bowl video-game

Team Fortress 2

The game may be free, but don’t expect the clothing to be! Lots of small clothing manufactures have started making things featuring different Valve games, and Team Fortress 2 is no different. This is actually one of the first games me and my partner played together, so I actually got us each two shirts. We each have a red team and blue team shirt so that we can stay co-ordinated. If you look at the best Team Fortress 2 shirts for sale at, you will emit a little chuckle as well, so they actually make a nice little statement.

Legend of Zelda Clothes

With the new Legend of Zelda getting released, there is always a new batch of Zelda clothing to choose from. This year is no exception, with stores like Hot Topic having tons of Zelda merchandise.  Personally I will always prefer the classic pixelated Link style shirts, but these new ones look beautiful. If you are wanting a more artistic piece, then check those ones out.

zelda shirt video-game

Mario T-Shirts

These are the classic in video game clothing. I can remember seeing people wearing t-shirts with the Super Mario Bros. 2 box art over 10 years ago, and those are still the most popular Mario shirts. Don’t expect to see these in Italy though, if you take a drive down the Amalfi coast you won’t see anything Mario related except the shirts sported by other tourists.

super mario bros 2 shirt video-game

What do you wear?

If you want to represent you favourite video-game while out, these are some of the coolest choices in my opinion. Video games may be an at home hobby, but there is no reason you can’t take your love for it out with you. If you are new to my blog and liked this post, then check out my last one on real Italian Soda’s. Cheers!