Welcome to my blog!

Hello everyone, my name is Rosa and I will be your guide for your virtual trip to Italy. In all honesty, welcome to my hobbies and leisure blog that hopefully will be filled with recipes soon.

I am an Italian woman who was born and grew up in Sicily before moving North to the United Kingdom. Now I live with my 2 dogs in a small house outside London, and my passion is cooking. I used to have my own cooking channel online, but thanks to all these Facebook pages grabbing recipes from pages like mine and then cross posting it all over the web I have stopped. I still cook all the time, and love to share my cooking with others. I actually hold an Italian cooking class every second week near where I live so I still get to share my gift.

Expect to see a lot of recipes on here, as well as some travel tips for my home country of Italy. I love to travel still, and there is so much to do when you are in Italy that I will never run out of hobbies to tell you about. I hope that this has been interesting enough to make you want to come back, Ciao.

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